Monday, 28 April 2014

Books Update! 2014 [January-April]

Posted by Meitri Soelistia ツ at 11:20 pm
I'm really like all of Penerbit Haru's book. It began when I got a novel with the tittle is Oppa & I : Love Mission from quiz that I joined last year. From that, I'm really curious with Penerbit Haru & their novels. So, one by one, I tried to buy all of Penerbit Haru's book. Yes, maybe I've got Haru's Syndrome. 

So guys, this year I've brought 4 novels of Penerbit Haru. There is Oppa & I, Oppa & I : Love Signs, The Last 2% and Wishing Her To Die. 4 novels which is I brought, but just 2 novels that I've read. Hahahaa... because I don't have many free time to read all of those novel. Moreover, in that time I must prepare myself to confront the National Final Examination. Next time, I wish I can buy Sweet Melody 1, Sweet Melody 2, Cheerboy and Seoulvivor. Amen. ^^ *I must save a lot o money! 


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