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Tradition and Rescue Animals from Extinction

Posted by Meitri Soelistia ツ at 2:32 pm
A country must have their own diverse traditions. Usually a tradition in a country has their own uniqueness. For example, in the tradition of Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

Anyway, who do not know what it is Thanksgiving Day? Yep! Thanksgiving Day is a day to express gratitude. The tradition was first held for thanksgiving after the harvest. Thanksgiving Day has been done by American. If in Indonesia might like Eid. Because, at that time Americans will vacation for four days and returned to their hometown to hang out and eat together.

Roast turkey dish is a main dish that should not be missed in celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Hence, no wonder many people are calling Thanksgiving Day as the "Day of the Turkey". I remembered the article on the website of VOA Indonesia that I read today. The titled is "Peternak AS Lestarikan Kalkun Varietas Lama untuk Cegah Kepunahan" in which the Standard Bronze turkey type that had been served on Thanksgiving Day getting extinct. That's because of the large demand for this type of turkey and because many people want the fulfillment of animal protein. Plus a cook in various restaurants serve turkey meat tenderness commend these types than any regular turkey. However, now that the Standard Bronze turkey type was less than 10,000 head. What about then?

But amid the almost extinction descent Standar Bronze turkey varieties, there are a few people who care about the survival of these types of turkey. With breeding a type of Standard Bronze turkeys. Cool huh? Concern for animals that are endangered it is very necessary. Moreover, the animal was indeed the original of our beloved country. Although the roasted turkeys dish on Thanksgiving Day is a tradition, still we should not let these animals extinct.

I was reminded of the tradition of whaling in Lamalera. The kind of whale hunted by the people of Lamalera is Sperm Whales and Pilot Whales. What if the kind of these whale were extinct? Suppose the whalers in Lamalera can follow the footsteps of the breeder turkeys in America. Besides being able to keep the tradition, there is also an attempt to preserve the animal. Maybe not with breeding whale, ya? But with preserve the type of Sperm Whales and Pilot Whales in their habitat. It's not funny if the turkeys and the whales extinct. Then, how with the tradition? Replace the animal? If we replace the animal, that will not same with the tradition before. That mean that we have been replaced the tradition. Moreover, that animal is exactly what a major star in that tradition. Do you agree with me? Oke, let's save them!

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