Sunday, 6 May 2012

May 6th, 2012... Nothing Is Imposible

Posted by Meitri Soelistia ツ at 11:54 pm

I have something special today. Ya.. today is my birthday. So many feelings which I feel until this time.
I learn many things in my life until this time too. I learn about how difficult this life. Now, I am a Senior High School student and not a Junior High School Student.

Crying, smile, laugh and many feelings I feel in my new school and my new world. But I felt that I was not myself. Why if I have some problem, I can't stand up.? I just can cry.. and cry. Ya.. my friends always tell me that crying can't solve my problem.

Hey.. MEITRI.! It's not you.! Come on.! Don't give up.!
You can still smile when you get into trouble. You are talkative like your friends said, you're apathetic, self-confident, but... I don't seem to find it in this time.

Ya Allah..
Help me to be myself again like before. Give me your spirit, God.
But not only sad story. I still have a beautiful story with my friends at high school. And I will start my new life in my new age.

2 years old :3

11 years old *with my lovely sister Danica :*

15 years old *when joining a competition in Magelang

NOW.. the little Meitri Sulistianingtyas will grow to be a beautiful, smart and good girl.! Fighting.!
Today I have received so many greetings. I'm very happy. Hmm.. for my all friends, thanks for your greeting and pray for me.  May Allah give us spirit to solve every problem in our life. Amen. Thank for all of your love to me. ^^

"Allah SWT... my God, I hope someday I can make my parents happy and give me their proud smile because of my achievement. Make my dream come true, God. Doctor.! Nothing is Imposible. Keep fight.! Fighting.. fighting.. fighting.! Amin."


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